We’re happy to take special orders of $25 or more. All orders must be placed 72 hours in advance between Wednesday and Sunday, either in person or over the phone with an associate. Pre-payment is required and pick up time will be at your desired time.

There is a 5% charge for SF Mandate on all sales

GIFT CERTIFICATES available in store or over the phone for any denomination.  $1.50 postage fee will apply for mailing gift cards.

Special Order Cakes: Please call or email the store to ask what the available selections for your specific date are.

6″ cake serves 6-8 people: $45

8″ cake serves 10 people: $65

9″ cake serves 12 people: $72

6″ tart serves 6-8 people: $38
apple tart
lemon tart

8″ tart serves 10 people: $45
apple tart
lemon tart

1/4 Sheet serves 20 $130
1/2 Sheet serves 40 $260
Full Sheet serves 80 $520