Kouign Amann Nature 4
Kouign Amann Seasonal 4.50
Gougère Feuilletée 3.75
Seasonal Bostock 3.25
Sugar Brioche Tart 3.25
Croissant Nature 2.75
Chocolate Banana Almond-Croissant 3.75
Seasonal Almond Croissant 3.75
Almond Cake- gluten free 3.50
Seasonal Scone 3.25
Seasonal Coffeecake 3
Banana Bread (weekends) 6
Chocolate Banana Bread (weekends) 6.5
French Tart Flan (weekends) 3.75
Chocolate Chip Cookie 3
Valrhona Fudge Cookie 3
Madeleine 1.75
Seasonal Quiche 3.5
Rustic Baguette 2.75


Four Barrel Coffee 2
Americano 2.25
Latte 3.75
Cappuccino 3.25
Mocha 4.25
Cafe Au Lait 2.75
Macchiato 2.75
Espresso 2.25
Hot Chocolate 4
Hot Tea 3
Iced Tea 2.75


Aranciata Rossa
Sparkling Lemonade
Sparkling Water
Apple Juice
Orange Juice


Individuals 6.50 Entremet 45

Available on weekends only

Chocolate Caramel Toffee Mousse
Bittersweet Chocolate Mousse, Ganache with Toffee Chips, Flourless Chocolate Biscuit , Chocolate Glaçage and Caramel Toffee Chips

Vanilla Cassis Cake
Vanilla Mascarpone , Sablé Breton, Cassis Ganache, Chiffon Cake, Vanilla Glacage

Grand Macaron
Vanilla Macaron, Rose Crème Mousseline, Raspberries, Vanilla Powder and Rose Petals

Triple Chocolate
Devil’s Food, Milk Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate Cheesecake, Almond Jaconde, Chocolate Ganache

Meyer Lemon Tart
Pâte Sucrée, Meyer Lemon Custard, Lemon Cream and Lemon Confit

10 Hour Apple Tart
10 hour Apple Confit, Almond Streusel and Pâte Brisée

Peanut Tart
Pâte Sucrée, Roasted Peanut Feuilletine, Peanut Butter Cream, Chocolate Ganache, Caramelized Peanuts, Chocolate Shortbread

Pear Tart
Pate Sucree, Almond Cream, Vanilla Cream, Roasted Pears, Almond Streusel

Vanilla Millefeuille
Puff Pastry with Vanilla Crême Patissière and Vanilla Chantilly

Mont Blanc
Vanilla Creme Brûlée, Chiffon, Roasted Caramel Pear and Blood Orange Compote, Almond Meringue, Chestnut Cream, Diamant



All sandwiches are served with a house salad 10.50

Pan Bagnat
Olive Oil Poached Tuna, Gribiche Sauce (hard boiled eggs, capers, shallots, lemon and fine herbs), Fennel and Cabbage Slaw

Wild Mushroom, Goat Cheese and Braised Leeks
Wild Mushroom Ragout (crimini/button/shitake
mushrooms, garlic, parsley)

Stewed Tomato, Eggplant, Zucchini, Bell Pepper, Onion, Garlic, Herb de Provence and Swiss Cheese

Roasted Chicken and Anchovy
Shredded Roasted Chicken, Anchovy Aïoli, Watercress,
Red Onion, Parmesan

Black Forest Ham and Cheese
Black Forest Ham, Gruyere, Smoked Mozzarella and Swiss
Cheese with Fleur De Sel

Pastrami,Sauerkraut, Russian Dressing and Swiss Cheese

Caramelized Onions, Red Onion, Fromage Blanc, Gruyère Cheese and Lardons

Black Forest Ham, Genovese Salami, Mortadella, Provolone and Olive Spread